Thursday, April 30, 2009

ode to the east bay {part one}

dearest east bay

i'm in denial that you and i will soon part.
complete and total denial.

and i'm crazy about you.
totally head over heels.
when we met it was like i knew you already
as though i was meant to be here.

at first it was the smiles,
the way i feel seen,
the way ladies dress here (just like me),
the coffee shops with sabrina ward harrison artwork,
the most beautiful cemetery nearby to photowalk in,
the lemon tree in the backyard,
the flowers in bloom,
the amazing food at cafe gratitude,
the immense beauty of the berkeley hills,
the sunshine and springtime thawing my heart,

and then east bay, you outdid yourself,
you gave me friends, amazing ones,
total keepers.

oh rockridge, piedmont, oakland, berkeley,
every book i pick up reads your name,
everywhere i look i see reasons i love you.

so what are we gonna do east bay?
its like we're a love affair that just got started.
perhaps thats the best way to end an affair that just can't be.
to leave while things are still at a peak
and be grateful for what we had together



jen* said...

What a sweet post! I love the photo and find myself thinking it is time to add some soft ruffles to my wardrobe. Also...the new header is fabulous. I always feel happy when I visit here.

Goddess Leonie * said...

hey beyoootiful woman,
i am loving you!

Kate Courageous said...

I am in complete and total denial and don't know why you are letting some guest blogger come in here and write these nonsense posts about you leaving the East Bay. How can you allow such lies to be perpetuated??? xoxo

megg said...

Um, can I ask a cheeky question? Why do you have to leave?

yasmine said...

i just got here via kate's weblog, and you're making me a little teary!

i moved just this weekend from the (east-)east bay to the north bay, and my heart highly disapproves of it.