Thursday, April 02, 2009


there's something about these last few months. its as though the conditions have been just right, my hope and openness have been ready, the sun has been bright enough, there have been just the perfect amount of kind smiles, adventures and new connections, the perfect amount of chaos and peace.

the truth is, i just haven't been this happy in a very long time. i mean, life has been good over the last few years and getting better every day, but they were still somewhere around the right degree of contentment. but these days (most days) i'm just downright happy.

i didn't really have any expectations about my time away from home. i was hoping it would give me some perspective, shake things up a bit, and keep me warm during the winter...but thats about it. when you have never been somewhere its hard to place demands on it...and i'm so glad about that. and it's turned out to be such a beautiful and gentle adventure of opening.

so last night when andrea and i went on a garden adventure to get a picture for her beautiful new superhero necklace design called Bloom, it got me thinking about how perfect that word is to describe how life has felt lately. its like this beautiful bud that is my heart and my self was finally ready to open up and bloom.

all of andrea's necklaces are truly divine. but this one...this one gets me giddy just looking at it. its totally radiant and truly scrumptious! i highly recommend treating yourself to one of her necklaces at some point (if you haven't already). looking in the mirror and seeing such beautiful colours can't help but widen your smile.

and i wonder...what ways is your life in bloom?


Goddess Leonie * said...

oh darling! you are the most magnificent blooooom model :)

big big bear goddess hugs

beth said...

my life...blooming???....I guess I'd have to say somedays it feels like it wants to sooooo much, but the dots just aren't all connecting perfectly right now...but it will and I'll be patient in the mean time as that is all I can be.

megg said...

OOh, honey, whenever I come here I get so filled up with joy for you!!! You sound so FULL and RIPE and ready for anything. I am so. happy. for you and with you!!!

LOVE to you!!!!!!!

Jeanine said...

so happy for your happiness. i saw your photo on andrea's blog and you, my dear, are bloom personified :) what makes me bloom? traveling. without a doubt.