Saturday, February 02, 2008

self-timed self-portraits

i had a sweet day at the beach yesterday, making little altars from shells and wood and taking self-portraits with my camera perched precariously on a rock. i came home to find that the new superhero challenge was self-timer self-portraits. doing these self portraits makes me so giggly...running back and forth between the camera and the chosen spot. i love 'em.

i still haven't posted my mondo beyondo part 2 yet....but its still developing. all week i'll see ideas that are way beyond what i've ever imagined my future would be. for example, i'll see a wall in my favourite restaurant and picture a show of my photos on their wall. its beautiful to have a way to think of these dreams...its helping me to not cut myself down from dreaming big.


Golightly said...

Wow, what great shots. The color and the beach just looks so calming. I want to be there.

megg said...

Beautiful!! The best part was thinking of how much fun you had running back and forth to set it up and them flinging yourself into a picture - loved it!!!


daisies said...

your self portraits always feel so expansive and full of energy, love that!