Friday, June 22, 2007

Thank you Lavender

Today one of my favourite 3 year olds called me her 'best friend'. It is mutual.

I had such a beautiful, present day hanging out with my lil' buddies. They are amazing and kind and we learn so much together. They had been pulling dead leaves off of a tree and said 'sorry' to the tree. I offered up that perhaps we might want to say 'thank you' because the plant is giving us something. As we continued on our walk we came across a big patch of lavender and picked bouquets saying 'thank you lavender, thank you lavender' as we picked. These are the moments i love so much.

I'm feeling a return to myself.

And life on the interweb lately is so so lovely.

Andrea's post sharing this amazingly beautiful and grounding poem.

Mon amie Harmony inviting me to join her in an online creative adventure

My new print came in the mail the other day from Mati. Its called Beauty in the Breakdown and is so gorgeous!

I'm feeling really grateful for all of the lovely blogging ladies that brighten my day. Grateful for the inquisitive best friends that always bring me back to living in the moment. For my daily learning about how i can become a more whole and healthy self. I'm feeling really blessed at how the creative force is entering my life full force. I am especially grateful for all the good opportunities that are coming my way these days. The rough patches only remind me how important all these things are.

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Harmony said...

Thank you for the links - love, love, love the poem and your new print is amazing.

I'm so glad you agreed to do this project with me :) Our first effort is exactly what I envisioned.