Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happiness is work: Part 2

This has been on my mind a lot. The quote and the actions maintaining happiness involves. I must say that although it is 'work' it is probably the most worthwhile work imaginable. Just like my day job, I love doing it. For the last couple years it was not easy work....forcing myself to stop destructive behaviours, going through a period of isolation and then re-emerging but feeling rather lost as to how to integrated such simple things as joy, friendship and connection into my life! But finally, about 2 years after the whole change began, I feel like I'm finally at the fun work...maintaining happiness can't be a struggle...getting back here was. And except for a few moments, during all the struggle, I knew it was all worthwhile and remained faithful that i would emerge a 'healthier' version of myself. So now the fun stuff...i've been craving to write down all the things that are helping to keep me happy...not a complete list of course, but a beginning.

-dreamseeds sundays: our small but dedicated crew of lovely ladies have made these last few months so rich. i have established my goal of bringing art into my life on a more regular basis and has brought down the barrier for me in accessing that creative source.

-the oprah channel on satellite radio: i can't help it. i love oprah. and maya angelou and dr. robin and even gayle king. i listen to this radio station when i'm upstairs doing my daily tasks and the discussions are so meaningful, the tone so peaceful (well, maybe not gayle, but she is funny) and it makes putting dishes away a very thought provoking experience.

-taking pictures....i'm so smitten with taking photos...especially of dogs, cats, flowers and of course myself. And its no secret that this leo loves taking self portraits. especially in bathrooms, on escalators, and in store mirrors. What most people end up seeing on various internet thingies (friendster, facebook, etc) are the purdy fancy photos of myself i've captured. although those make me happy, taking these really makes me giggle.

-um, well, what i wear has always been a big part of my identity....sometimes it speaks louder than i do. and that of course has changed as well. these days soft flowing comfy yet fancy shirts are making me happy, pinks and browns, black and white, my silver birks take my everywhere it seems, and my fancy side has been emmerging....lots and lots of earrings and necklaces...especially my beloved superhero necklace.

-my daily adventures: nothing makes me happier than getting on a bike or bus and just going. sometimes i have a master plan, which can be as simple as 'to get that delicious wheat-free bar from the bean on main st' or 'to the seawall' or to an event like todays commercial drive fest. all trips i am armed with my camera and journal and is my favourite kind of alone time. you never know what yer gonna this:

very tall bikes

alien-esque buildings

rad stickers

lovely dancing bike ladies

so there it is....the beginning of the happy-list...

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Cre8Tiva said...

ohhhh...i love the happy list... and oprah to start a list...blessings, rebecca