Saturday, June 23, 2007

a month and a day

my birthday is a month away (and 1 day). I'm turning 30. I am so ready to say 'goodbye, thank god we're done' to the 20's. i've been pondering ever since i turned 29 about what to do for the next bday. my actual bday is on a tuesday, and i've been thinking i'd like to spend it alone (or perhaps a mutual-bday-celebration-lunch with my birthday buddy).

last year i had a bbq, which went well. but i'm a bad hostess, because i'm a good one. i need to make sure everyone has the their vegan/meat/glutenfree/alcoholic/non-alcoholic/kids/peanut-free self taken care of. and then i don't end up eating and drink too much. and i was right in the middle of my super-funk time, so i found myself taking secret crying moments in the bathroom despite the loveliness that was outside. another challenge with a gathering of friends is i have very diverse friends who don't know each other and though lots do, there are a few who do don't get along that well. it went ok on that front, and i'm even more willing this year to let go of responsibililty of that...if they can't handle it don't come!

so, i've been getting visions of a celebration. really its felt like little nuggets of beauty my spirit has been shooting me. i'll be sitting on the bus and then all of a sudden think 'tiered platter with cupcakes' or 'picnic blankets with art supplies' and so it is developing....i'm pondering a sunday afternoon art picnic

with lots of lemonade, painting, cupcake decorating and a whole lot of pink!

i'm thinking sunshine (hoping) and nourishment. i'm thinking photo taking, collaging, painting and journal writing.

i'll have a bbq perhaps for those who are too macho for crafts. and a kid craft blanket for wee-ones. i'm thinking dress-up (whatever dress up means to you).

i'm thinking a tea party and i'm especially thinking that in lieu of gifts i'd like people to pick me (or buy if they really want to) flowers so i'll be left with wee bouquets of wildflowers around the house

and i'm thinking of asking a few people to help me host so i don't get all flustery!

all this already...lordy. and a month more to increase the extravagance potential!


Cre8Tiva said...

looking forward to the party...thank you for your post on my blog this week...i am a bit behind in responding...but i do read and enjoy every comment...blessings...rebecca

Tired Mama said...

I'm up for birthday lunch/dinner/drinks/coffee/something!!

Harmony said...

Okay, just so you know the tired mama is me. I have to seriously think about putting all of my blogs together!!

Goddess of Leonie said...

oh my gosh ~
what a DELICIOUS post!