Friday, June 22, 2007

more thoughts on self-care

When talking about self-care, my friend Z says that its a 'moment by moment' process. I love this both that it makes me be concious of how much i need to be on top of making sure I am active in self-care, but also that there is always oppourtunity to make changes. Yesterday exhausted (emotionally and physically) me was just curled up on the couch, and then the moment changed and i got up, got dressed, got on my bike and started fresh. Here's where i ended up:

My thoughts have been really fixated lately, and i've been feeling a lot like i did a couple years ago, not knowing how to get out of my mood. But i know in every situation there is a level of personal responsibility that i have to look at. Sometimes i sure don't want to, or i can't see it, but its so there. So finally I had some clarity on what has been frustrating me. I can't hold on to what someone said or did. That doesn't serve me. I can meet possiblities of the future, but i just can't hold onto the past. It only gets me stuck. So I'm going to try to remember all the wonderful calmness i found in s.carolina and connect to it. To remember that it only takes a moment to get off track, but just one more to get back.

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