Wednesday, June 27, 2007

confessions of a music snob

I am a music snob. Its not really a secret. I love music more than i love food (and i love food)! That said, I can be a bit righteous about what I like to listen to. More than one ex-partner has commented that they didn't really listen to their own music during our entire relationship (thats not to say they didn't enjoy listening to mine)!

I also don't like to be told what to listen to. I consider the radio as doing just that (except for the cbc of course). So I often don't give pop musicians a chance until they aren't really popular anymore (or unless i hear about them before they get big!). So I'm rather taken aback by the latest album to find its way onto my pretty pink ipod.

Mandy Moore. Yes, Mandy Moore. What is your first impression when you here that name. Teen-pop-queen-cheesy-movie-regular. Am i correct? I think folks, that we may have gotten it wrong.

She came out with an album last week and I had heard about it because one of my favourite bands, The Weepies, have been working on it with her. Hmm....puzzling. How would that sound? Then I find out Lori McKenna, another musician I like, is also co-writing with Ms. Moore. I knew I'd have to at least check it out.

Its beautiful. I admit it. I, music snob extrordonaire, like Mandy Moore's music. You can hear the influence of the weepies and lori mckenna, but it doesn't sound like her singing their songs. She's sure got a voice of her own (and i don't mean just the singing). Seems like she's stepping away from what is expected of her and doing what she wants and what reflects who she is.

Isn't that what we all want? (well, us independant thinkers that is) I know that is my constant challenge, to let go of what society expects of me and just keep on working on being my authentic self. And now i have a lovely addition to the soundtrack of a life well lived.

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