Sunday, July 03, 2005

the pride vibe

it was queer pride day today. This day usually overwhelms me, what with 1000 people marching through the city and then gathered in a field. I have crowd issues. Not so much the amount of people, as much as the social demands that come with it. Usually I spend the day having 1 minute conversations with almost every queer or queer+ person i've ever met in this city...and with most of these people i'd love to sit and extend that 1 minute into 20, but it isn't really what tends to happen. This year it wasn't so bad....recovering from the flu left me feeling really gentle with myself today, really clear on my boundaries and kind of spacey. But you know what...I didn't really feel too connected to my community today as a whole. There were many lovely moments and people, but to be honest I'm feeling clearer as time passes that I am ready to leave this town. It felt like something, or someone was missing. and they were.

folk fest is warming my heart. Jorane played tonight. Tomorrow will be brilliant as well. We also went to the Teatro Circo (the circus stage) and watched some great acrobats and these amazing performers called Lelavision. They were phenomenal...doing this modern dance/acrobatics while creating music on the most unique instruments ever. ooo la la.

so...i'm not necessarily not feeling the pride vibe. I did get emotional when the queer pagan crew marched by in the parade, and pflag always gets my emotions flowing. I just think I definitely need a break from this town, need to have space from it so i can miss it.
As distance does make the heart grow fonder.....

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