Friday, July 08, 2005

my mother i like blogging again. its not that i didn't like it yesterday, i just don't think it should take the place of my pen and paper journal. But thats not what i intended to tell you today...the story of the day is all about my lovely mom.

my mom called 3 times between 7:30 and 7:32 this morning. I climbed out of the loft bed stumbling towards the phone hoping that it was someone from the east coast calling me, cause if it was someone in B.C. i was worried i'd be a rude pre-coffee vivienne, as they really have no excuse to not wait until the reasonable hour of 8 a.m. to call. but luckily it was my mom, Christine, up at her cottage in ontario. My mom rocks...she was missing me so much that she had just called Via Rail to inquire how much it would cost to take the train out to Vancouver. She was thinking about spending a week on the train to show up here on my birthday morning! Gad, the thought alone makes me cry...let alone if my mom really did that! Seeing that it is peak season it would have cost $4000! She said 'Could I have stayed with you once I got there? Cause I'd be out of money!' I assured her she could have stayed in my pseudo guest room, the futon under the loft bed. We could have drank tea and read books. But I assured her that I will come home soon and that although the notion is lovely, I think she should not spend $4000 to surprise me on my birthday! You see I haven't been home in a long time and it hurtin'. After chatting with my mom for about an hour, she was okay with not hoping on the train in a couple days and I assured her she could call me anytime of the day (which she does anyways) if she had the urge again to spend way too much money to come see me! Oh, I love my mum...she makes me feel pretty blessed and is definitely one of my best friends.

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