Friday, July 29, 2005

harry potter and the librarians daughter

all day i've been total a.d.d. girl...two minutes of dishes, 10 minutes of harry potter, 3 minutes of folding laundry, 8 minutes on the computer and on an on. And then the last 2 hours and last few hundred pages of the half-blood prince were the total opposite...completely in trance, power reader, focused girl. Drastic change, but the last chunk of a book has a way of doing that to you.

I remember when I was about 12 reading Jean Littles autobiography and staying up all night, literally to finish it. We were at a cottage in Southampton and I stayed up, perched under a little lamp, not willing to enter the sleep state I love so dearly until every detail of the book was explored. Quite opposite books in most respects but two hardcore nights of reading to remember.

I love youth fiction, and not just harry potter, as these kind of books bring adults into the space where most youth fiction does, where they are their vulnerable teen selves, playful kid selves. Everyone I've talked to that hasn't read harry potter, hasn't tried to. I know there is a media hype and all, but they are books! What harm could it do to get immersed in magic? Don't wait for the movie people...movies don't challenge you to visualize the settings, what the characters look does it all for you. What world are you gonna create if you can't imagine it?

Yes, I am a librarians daughter

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