Saturday, July 30, 2005

my naked neighbours part II

No one was actually naked tonight, so far, but the same neighbours.
They are hosting a post-modern party tonight and I came home to find a humongous crowd of people surrounding my house. By the road was a girl spinning glow in the dark blue poi, and probably 60 people hanging off the porch and back yard (which is tiny by the way). I pushed through the crowd with my bike heading towards the stairs. At the stairs sat about 3 people to each small step, rolling joints, smoking buts and sitting drunken on their asses. Note: it is a post-modern party so people were in costumes I cannot even describe, burlap sacks, bubble wrap, anything you can think of. I pushed on with my bike, irritating the guy rolling the joint yelling "could you wait a minute?". Another guy said "Why don't you just leave your bike down there?" "Um, cause I live here?" I retorted. Note: I was rather proud of myself for my semi-aggressive behaviour, feeling the right to do whatever I wanted at my house. After safely storing my bike I emerged back down the stairs stating that I was done being a bitch and ready to joint the festivities. Inside it was fucking packed. They did a brilliant job. The kitchen was covered in newsprint, a vagina made of tule was the gateway to the dance party room, another room was black light glowing, yet another covered in white plastic. Brilliant job naked neighbours.

After about 10 minutes in the packed place I was about done. Outside the house the cops had shown up (surprise) and were making everyone go inside. I've gotta say I haven't got a complaint in the world about this shindig (once my bike was safely away that is).
Outside my window I can see every pole in a two block radius has at least 3 bikes locked to it. And I swear, I can't hear any noise at all that would lead me to think there are still at least 150 people two floors down. I'm gonna miss this place.

So no nudity, but much excitement. Here's hoping the cops don't come back (for the sake of my drunken housefolk). They are doing a good job of ushering people back in the house as they slowly flow back out to the street.

Oh fernwood. I will miss you. And my naked neighbours.

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Eleuthia said...

so did you joint in the festivities, or was that just a wonderful freudian slip of the typing fingers...?