Tuesday, July 26, 2005

birthday highlights

-driving/singing/bonding with another dear leo, eliza
-the new beautiful painting my mother made for me of a moonlight dragonfly fairy
-watching lady and billy (elliot) and their excitement at the new empty box they got for my birthday to play in (after the mom-presents were removed from it)
-my bro iain sending me all the cd's of his music (my brother is brilliant)
-singing my mother happy birthing day, attempting to overpower her version of the song and hearing the story of my birth again
-walking out of the bathroom to a table full of beautiful people singing my h-b-day...(i had ordered my chocolate cake subtley to avoid the restaurant-round-of that certain song...but they still got me)
-listening to the everyone discuss how they know me and first met me (a leo on her birthday is allowed to be that self-centered for the day)
-hand feeding my friends stake and watching their blissfull meat-eating faces
-my new smoking lily uterus purse
-eliza's digital camera and all the beauty it captured
-feeling truly blessed

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Eleuthia said...

Lady Vivienne,

I LOVE you :)