Sunday, June 29, 2008

oh love.

oh sweet love.
i was at the most bea-uuu-ti-fullll wedding this weekend.  complete perfection.
its two days later and i'm still swooning over it (and the pictures of it of course).

it was the wedding of my friend F and her sweetie L.  i didn't know quite what to expect of the wedding, being a relatively queer one.  i say relatively as one of the quotes of the day was "they are not two husbands and they are not two wives".  it you looked at the wedding from the outside you'd see a man and a woman at the altar but i think its more honouring of each of their own gender identities to say they are two people in love.

i think what blew me away was how much love there was in that space. there was no seperation of straight and queer, because we were all there because we loved and admired the people getting married.  there was no seperation between family and friends because we all felt like each of those in that setting.  most importantly, there was no drunk uncle (you know, the kind that is usual at most weddings) making homophobic jokes. it felt like a sacred space.

it made me think of all the places in the world where queer couples can't be together in public, let alone get married.  it made me think of all people who feel like they can't tell their families about who they love.  it made me grateful for my family.  it made me grateful to have the right to live safely and openly as someone who doesn't define their love in gendered terms.  

i wish L & F a lifetime of the love that existed in that beautiful day and all that brought them to that point. they have a beautiful love. i have an unyeilding and somewhat utopian belief in the power of love. its days like these that keep that belief strong.  

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