Thursday, June 05, 2008

inspirations and learnings

funk gone.
bye bye.

funk removal techniques:

~play with makeup and get dressed, both on rainy days when staying in as well as fancy dinners with a collection of lovely people.  i'm finally realizing that makeup and heels are about helping me feel beautiful not just beautifying me in a way that is expected of women (i've always been resistent to anything 'expected' of women).  but yes, at age 30 i am finally learning how to wear makeup and getting crushes on boys.  late bloomer, yes indeed!

~getting the most phenomenal package in the mail.  its by far the best package to ever come into my mailbox (and i've received some serious mailbox goodness before!).  for real....its hand painted canvas envelope sewed shut!  it, and its sender, my amazingly talented artist friend caroline, are deserving of their own 'ode to caroline' post which is in the works, so ya'll will have to wait another day to find out what waa inside!  thank you are soooooo wonderful and i'm so glad we're back in each others lives!

~reading about jen lemen's journey in Rwanda and being so inspired by what her kind heart is spreading in this world.  i so admire her and her journey.  please check it out and i recommend starting back here and reading up to the present to experience it as it developed.  it's so good to be able to donate to help Odette's family and community in Rwanda and to hear tales of strength, survival and radiance.  

~house cleaning.  messy house = messy me.  though i'm not quite done, even a bit of organizing and cleaning while blaring beautiful music helps me tremendously.

~going to the gym.  its been ages, but i need to remember how happy i am once i'm there...its the getting there thats hard!  its such a rainy week here (surprise, surprise) and bike riding is just not an option so i've headed back to the local community centre to get my spirits up through sweating!  i tend to forget how much working out keeps my moods balanced.

~doing two amazing and humbling photoshoots.  the first was with the most lovely and amazing twins that i am so smitten with.  they were such good lil' models and i learned a few tricks about photographing babies.  i put a black blanket over their vibrating baby chair and it had a fabulous effect, almost making it look like a studio shoot.  the vibration did wonders for keeping the babies happy!  also, i learned that shooting right after a feed and before they get sleepy again was the most prime time!

~the second shoot of the week was with my friend (and photographic muse) z.  we're working on an art project together and part of one piece is to have pictures of our backs (sans clothing).
z's has a full back tattoo so it was fabulous taking pics of her.  then it was my turn. i had serious moments of self-doubt, but i felt so comfortable with her behind the camera and settled right into it.   after we finished the backs i asked if she would help me take some backlit pictures for an assignment for my photography class.  what was a simple task turned into some of the most gorgeous pictures we've done yet (a sample of it as seen above!).  it felt amazing to realize that i can get studio style shots in people's living rooms!  

~mondo beyondo dreaming. thinking about trips far away, beautiful expensive camera lenses, living in new places, acquaintances i'd love to have become friends, and big dreams for my future.

~i've also been thinking a lot about this new piece by the ever fabulous leonie.  it sings to my heart so much and i've had that saying in my head all week.  i have another piece by her coming in the mail right now, and i know it would only be the beginning of my collection of her work...this ones next for sure.  she's a wonderous gift to the world!

much love,


Shalet said...

Good to hear you're feeling so well. As one who has just come from the gym - it does feel good doesn't it?

Brandi said...

I commented on flickr as well but it bears repeating-that second photo is SASSY!!!