Saturday, May 31, 2008

fallen petals and unplanned paths

i've got 3 half-written blog posts awaiting their emergence onto this page, but this whirlwind of a week has had its own plan.

~i've been working on my new website, which seems to take priority over things like email and facebook and yes, blogging.  i'm excited to share it, but it is definitely still in development mode.  

~i've been in a small funk...i think brought on by the wonderfulness of making a website and coming to that next level of commitment to photography.  i find often when i'm at a threshold i somehow allow a crack (or cavern) of self-doubt to open up before i take that beautiful next step. self-doubt is a mighty powerful force and i'm still discovering what superpowers need to be developed to send it flying.  but i'm walking forward through this funk-ness and can't wait to actually revel in the excitement of where my life is going!

~i haven't really been taking photoshoots for the last couple weeks and i feel it!  its like when a musician leaves their guitar sitting in the corner.  so i've been carrying my little point and shoot around more, taking pictures of every little thing.  its important to come back to the core of why it is i fell in love with taking pictures...the observation of the small things, the pausing to gaze deeper, the feeling of never knowing what beauty you might find....i think i need to bring that little camera with me more often.  and for that matter, my guitar needs some lovin' too!

~i'm off to a fancy-girl picnic today.  i haven't been too social lately so it'll be so good to have a whole bunch of femmes in one place, all dressed in their saturday-afternoon-best! 

i hope your day is beautiful.


Brandi said...

gorgeous photos. absolutely breath-taking.

daisies said...

a beautiful diptych honey ... hope your weekend found you dancing out of your funk : ) xo

megg said...

I hope your day was beautiful too - don't worry, the funk will soon be replaced with elation - you're DOING IT!!!


p.s. sorry I've been away so long!