Tuesday, June 10, 2008

wide open heart

"my heart won't stay entirely in its rib caging".             ~the weepies

sometimes when the moon is in leo (or life is just real good) i feel like i'm in love
i just want to take shallow breaths and soak in that feeling
for someone who has been single for a long time now, its so refreshing when that feeling returns

its a beautiful reminder that love isn't given to us by one person and is always there.

but this time that feeling has stayed for days now (and i don't actually know if the moon is in leo right now)
i'm revelling in feeling so in love with life
and the potential of love

i swear there isn't a sweetie creating this feeling in me
just feeling wide open to love

i'm just revelling in it while its here.  

last night i had a lovely dream which had two of my past loves in it.  so good to see each of them (as they each live very far away). though neither of those relationships were entirely successful long term, with each of them there was a unique love that was so true, pure and somewhat cosmic. i can get so easily caught up in feeling lonely, or thinking the struggles i had in past relationships.  but really, so much has changed since i've been on my own.  i don't expect to offer the same things in a relationship that i did 5 years ago.  
i'm a much healthier me now.  it felt wonderful to revisit these two people (even if only in dreamlife) and be reminded of the true-ness of the love that existed there once upon a time.

a few weeks ago on andrea's superhero blog she asked 'what would you like more of in your life' and i said responded saying that i would like to receive more love in my life (and not just in the usual ways).  

and the universe listens doesn't it!

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