Tuesday, July 01, 2008


i've been loving videos lately.
craving to make moving art.
feeling really inspired by such a vast diversity...

video a la sabrina:

i love sabrina's new 'true living' project and it sure does sing to my heart. seeing her work has got me so eager to turn my lil' camera onto video mode and start documenting the beauty of life as art.

joy nash is my new hero. i devoured every video she has up there. i think i need to watch these regularly cause they (and she, the way she exists so empowered in her body) bring me back to that place of loving myself as i am right now.

oh, the weepies. i really really love the 'making of hideaway' video the weepies made. and what surprised me was that even days later i was still thinking about one aspect of the video...seeing peoples creative spaces...where they make their music. mostly they weren't fancy and often in their homes. it brings home the notion that we need to make our art here, now. you don't need a fancy studio to make magic. you just need to do it. start. now! that got me moving things around in my home, making my art space more inviting and useful!

and this video reminds me that one's dreams sure-as-heaven-and-earth can come true. thats a dear pal of mine singing with cyndi lauper on the true colours tour. picture you and the person you admire most in your craft creating/performing/working together. dream big lovelies. here's the proof it can happen:


daisies said...

what inspiring fantastic videos :) thanks for sharing. i especially loved the peek into people's studios on the weepies video ~ makes me feel not so bad that my studio is my living and dining room all wrapped into one while duke's studio takes up a part of the basement and i love those days when i am processing photos upstairs and i get treated to the live music below :)

happy art making!! xo

Brandi said...

wow. loved joy nash's video. she's freakin awesome!