Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i'm riding the wave of post-folk-fest-bliss
with occasional moments of realization that i have to wait another year for those 3 days of bliss

days where everyone checks egos and insecurities at the festival gate
where its so easy to be present with the plucking of guitars and
people singing with everything they've got
and for those 3 days i truly feel at home.

one thing thats keeping me from the post-fest-blues is a new album
by ferron which is produced and accompanied by bitch. ferron is truly one of the most phenomenal songwriters ever (in my very picky opinion)! one of the goals of bitch (really...thats the name she goes by) making this album is to bring ferron's music to a younger generation and this album exceeded my expectations in that way. its true ferron with a little extra sass!

spending 3 days with beautiful friends
doing the 2 things i love the most (experiencing beautiful music and taking beautiful pictures)
has just filled me with some serious full-heartedness.
and to top it all off, i'm 1 sleep away from one of my toronto lovelies coming to visit
and 2 sleeps from turning 31!!!!

1 comment:

daisies said...

this is an incredibly moving passionate photograph .. really beautiful :)

so glad to hear you had such a blissful time and that soon you will be wrapped up in your friendship ... much love ~ hope your birthday is beautiful!! xo