Saturday, April 05, 2008

dear little being

dear little being

i'm so excited to meet you.
i think of you every day and watch your mom's belly swell even bigger.
i've watched your big sis grow up into the most magical of girls
and i can barely contain my excitement at being able to watch you on this journey
right from the start.

you are coming soon and i'm ready as can be to help your parents on the journey
from belly to the wide open world.
from being held in the comfort of her living womb to being held in their arms.

i'm counting the sleeps little one!
journey safely out here to meet us.
i'll see you there.

love vivienne


megg said...

oh - so much potential!!

what a lucky baby to have so much love around it already!!!!


Dandelion seeds said...

stunning photo!!

wandered on to your blog through Megg's.

are you ladv on the sark board??? I'm omgirly...