Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge: Celebration (week one)

i feel like i have a lot to celebrate these days. i haven't felt that in a long time. its not that joyful amazing things weren't happening, its more that i felt disconnected from my own place of joy.

i am amazed at the transition that is taking place. i usually don't hold much attachment to the 'start of the new year' as it feels like such a man-made idea, whereas the seasonal passages of time, like solstice, feels so much more authentic. that said, new years really felt like a changing-point for me. between pondering new years resolutions, reflecting on all that happened in the past year and writing my mondo beyondo list, i already have a sense of how this year (and i) am different in 2008.

last year was a year of hibernation. i moved into this lovely home, where i feel safe and supported. i woke up each day and asked myself what i needed from this day. it was a beautifully self-centered year, in the best way one can use the term self-centered. i had a lot of guilt around taking so much time for myself. but i knew i had to do it. although i wasn't social very often, i feel blessed to have some long time friends (near and far) and have made some really amazing friends. beautiful strong people, all of them.

so in this week's self portrait challenge i felt compelled to celebrate friendships. i want to celebrate the people who were there for me when i could only really try to be there for myself, for those people who saw possibility in me when i didn't have much to offer, for those who have always been there and always will be there and for those i have yet to meet.

the above pic is from new years eve and is me and my dear friend the great zinnia heartland. she's a jewel.

other things i want to celebrate:

mel watson's brilliant new album 'seed'
the deliciousness of roasted veggies
drinking coffee as a joy rather than an addiction
flower printed rubber boots
the humbling and beautiful experience of photographing with a holga camera
rosie thomas' amazing voice
feeling joy and having hope

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Miriam said...

I love that "drinking coffee as a joy rather than an addiction"! Beautiful sentiment all the way through. I want that kind of joy, too! :)