Thursday, January 03, 2008

christmas views

a beautiful visit home to my family and friends back east has me returned to the west coast with a full heart.
in fact i feel changed. i needed to be back there to transition into this new stage i'm jumping into whole-heartedly.
my new years resolution is to

Say YES to life more, without losing the ability to say NO.

I'm so excited for what this year can be. Will be. For all its potential and all that I can't even imagine it will be. This past year took turns that are so delightful and i could not have predicted. I needed to learn how to say no and create new boundaries. What a gift that was. A tough one but so worth it. And now its time to step out of my hibernation. Last year was about exploring my connection to self, but now I am yearning to connect with others more. Its time.

So here are a few more views of my holiday, including one of the wild turkey's that visited each morning at my grammy's house. There are dozen's of them actually, but most of them stay at the other side of the pond. I do love the taste of turkey, yes i do, but i must confess that it was much more gratifying to watch them than eat them this year!

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