Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love Thursday

Its Love Thursday over at Shutter Sisters. Although I've got all sorts of pictures of flowers shaped as hearts, graffiti hearts and hearts found in the most peculiar of places...i felt like posting this picture of my dear friends who are madly in love.

I often have these lines from an Indigo Girls song Mystery in my head. So I will share 'em with you today (in hopes that i can have another song dominate my constantly singing brain)!

What is love then is it dictated or chosen
does it sing like the hymns of 1000 years or is it just pop emotion
and if it ever was here and it left does it mean it was never true
and to exist it must elude is that why i think these things of you?


megg said...

I don't think a day goes by without something by the Indigo Girls dancing through my head - thank you for sharing this today - and for sharing the love.

daisies said...

what a beautiful photo of beautiful love :)

Ladyv said...

thank you megg and daisies!