Tuesday, September 16, 2008

vivacious change

so, things are gonna be changing a wee bit around here. if you look at the top o' the page you'll see that they already are!

i'm taking baby steps and gigantic steps in wholeheartedly working towards my vision of making a living as a professional photographer. the last week has been a whirlwind of newsletter writing, address collecting, postcard ordering, brainstorming and mostly just giving myself pep talks about how 'i deserve to live the life i want to live' and that its time to leave my comfortable spot between failure and success where nothing much happens...and its time to see how grand life can be!

so, i'm going to let my blog come along for the ride and let my adventures in the photog business be shared here. i've been really enjoying some other photographers blogs lately and see them as mentors in where i want my business to be in a year. i thought about making a seperate blog to post client pics and business inspirations, but in reality i think its best to keep it all together. so it really just means that i'm likely to most more often (yahoo!) and share a lot more images with you. i won't stop sharing tidbits of my learnings and adventures...i just know that I'm not that good at keeping more than one blog active, so it'll have to be one big ol' happy blog of vivacious vivienne-ness.

to start of this new stage i thought i'd share some of the amazing photography resources that are out there:

~flickr. yes...i know everyone knows flickr...but do you know about the 'texture for layers' group and all the amazing textures and borders you can get there for free. its vast (so be prepared to get lost in textures for a bit)! also, a while back i started adding anyone that i felt inspired by on flickr as a contact. if you are feeling shy, i highly recommend pushing through your shyness and adding people who's work you admire! that way you get a daily dose of inspiraition when you go to your contacts page. its definitely my favourite part of the time i spend online!

~shutter sisters. again...you probably know about this one too. but if you don't, do not finish reading this post. go directly to shutter sisters and be prepared to wake up to inspiration every single day!
~pay-it-forward. i love this site so much. the online photography community is so generous!

~becker's [b] school blog and the new private school. beckers videos and posts are packed full of great business info. the new [b] school is open as of october and i'm excited to see what its all about!

~michelle black's 'the hideout'...a really fabulous forum for photographers. lots of photo challenges, interviews and opportunities to connect to and be inspired by other photographers.

~the pay-it-forward blog, full of photographer resources. there's some fab and free actions, textures, storyboards and templates. plus, its all in the spirit of giving!

~portfoliositez...the super wonderful company that i've gotten my website template through. they are incredibly helpful, totally affordable and especially by and for photographers. i have nothing but rave reviews of them!

~also, have you been to darlene's beautiful blog lately? her words and images are so stunning!

happy wednesday!


Christina said...

Oh Vivienne! This post of yours has made me a very happy person! So kind of you to share. I can't wait to visit the sites.

Thank you, thank you!

daisies said...

first of all ~ i love love love the vivacious changes you have made here ... wonderful and really captures your beautiful talent.

secondly i am blushing over here to be included in such a lovely list of fabulous linkage ... thank you love, xo

megg said...

YAY!!!! I love the new name - sensational! My Dad has just given me his old camera and I am hoping to be inspired by you!!!