Wednesday, October 01, 2008

life in motion

oh geez...i said i was gonna post more often and then took a week off! alas, life has been in motion...going to my dance class, running around after my favourite model as she climbed on top of trains and did aerial stunts on silks, going for walks and playing on swings with friends, swaying and bouncing at work with a lovely newborn baby girl and curling up lots with my kitters.

september is gone? it flew by for me. i didn't meet all my goals, but i did have a darn good month. i've been making lots of effort to connect with the lovely people in my life. coming back from my vacation, i've had a renewed perspective on what riches are already here around me. ever since i've been living here i've felt like i've been searching, searching, searching. it feels mighty good to be here, feet firmly planted and arms open to all that i may have been taking for granted.

here's a lil' glimpse into some of the photographic fun i've been having:


Christina said...

OMGoodness!! These photographs are gorgeous!

daisies said...

these photos are thrilling honey, just beautiful!! your talent makes me smile :)

i hear you on the busy, swirling beautiful busy :) sending you love, xo