Thursday, September 11, 2008

ordinary sparkling moments


during a few hours of free time in an otherwise very busy week
i knew exactly what needed to be done.

i needed to sit in the sunshine
on a pink blanket
eat gluten free banana bread
and read the gorgeous book (ordinary sparkling moments by christine mason miller) that just arrived on my doorstep.

i think i'll be ranting about the brilliance of the book for a long time.
its got so many transformative ideas whirling in my head.
pages filling up in my journal, further steps towards my creative dreams

at times i've wondered why it is that i blog and feel so drawn to this world of creative bloggers.
and lately its been so clear. these women are dreaming big and making it happen, valuing their creative endeavors, writing transformative words, challenging themselves and by living artful lives. its like checking in with mentors each day. being reminded of the authenticity i am continually walking towards.

and it makes it so much easier to believe in yourself when you witness so many women's journeys of walking strong in their own imperfect beautiful gracefulness.


daisies said...

:) its on my christmas wish list ... this is a beautiful photo and an inspiring post, xo

Brandi said...

amen and amen.

Shalet said...


megg said...

I love that - I'm not blogging, I'm checking in with my mentors!!!

marie-chantale said...

can you tell me why you are sitting in the sunshine while here, on the other side of canada, we are freezing in gray days already? I wish i could still wear my flipflops!

looking for the Gluten free banana bread recipe... for cold winter days... ;)

Uncommon Depth said...

So what about that gluten free banana bread? Store bought or home made?

Vivienne said...

i heart gluten-free banana bread! this one was store bought, actually cafe a couple of coffee shops here in vancouver now carry it.

but here's a link to a recipe from the gluten-free girl

Uncommon Depth said...

Thanks for the link I'll check it out! I've done g-f banana muffins, but not bread.

Christina said...

I have seen this book. I must get it! : )