Friday, December 12, 2008

december views 4

sigh...vancouver is a bit manic right now. yesterday was so sparkly and spring~like with wide blue brilliant skies. then today i woke to see snow falling (it snows once a year or so) and now it has turned to pounding rain. i just spent the last half hour with a bucket and my rubber boots emptying my flooding front entrance! oh dear. but i'm happy to be now nestled in for a cozy weekend of getting all organized for my upcoming adventures, with two evening breaks full of friends and yummy food! the adventure begins in 4 sleeps when i head out to montreal for two weeks of family goodness. hope your weekend is wonderful!

as soon as i pressed 'publish' i got off the couch to go make dinner and realized there was an inch of water under my feet. yes, my place was flooding. it's a basement suite and as mentioned i'd just emptied my stairwell of water, but it was back in even fuller force. somehow i managed to keep quite chipper throughout it, especially because of the following things:
a) having two pairs of rubber boots to keep me dry while throwing bucketfulls of water out of my home.
b) that i wasn't the one out front knee deep in cold water in the sump well. grateful for that!
c) that i have tile floors and that although the big rug got really wet, at least i don't have carpets (mold is my enemy).
d) that a task on my to-do list for the next couple days was to mop the floor. done!


deb did it said...

I want to crawl into your photos.....they are so inviting. I can hear the purr when I look at your self portrait. I lived in Vancouver for 3 months near the holidays, so I understand the definition of MANIC. Enjoy your travels, safe journey, send more delicious photos.

PSUMommy said...

oh WOW those photos of the drops are incredible!

Susannah said...

These photos are just beautiful, V - i hope you're all dried out now (thank god for wellies :)

and ps. i've just been checking out your music list - yay for new tunes!

megg said...

Your pictures are beautiful!!

Oh honey - I'm sorry about the flood! May I suggest you put any treasures up high when you are gone for two weeks!!

Happiest of holidays to you - you have brightened my year and I wish you a bright year in return!


blisswarrior said...

dreamy photos...almost as lovely as you and your hat

pERiWinKle said...

Beautiful, magical drops! xx

Andrea Scher said...

Oh V... all these photos are exquisite!
especially the droplet ones. So beautiful...