Wednesday, December 10, 2008

december views and beautiful days

only one december view today and its a narcissistic one at that! but i felt really beautiful today and wanted to capture that feeling for days when i'm feeling the opposite way. maybe it was the haircut or the new red dress or an inner love glow but the stars were aligned in my heart today and i just felt radiantly beautiful all day. i love these days when everything just feels so in place!

gosh this feels like a vain post but it also feels important. so much in this media driven world reminds us constantly of why we aren't enough and I for one take on far more of that crap than my feminist ideals would like to confess. so i'm feeling some radical self acceptance and believe in my own beauty, inside and out, right here and right now!

i know we know this, but we need to remember it...we are as beautiful now (likely even more so) than if we changed all of those things that we dislike about our bodies/selves. its all about confidence and an inherent belief in ourselves. and its time. it almost makes me ill to think about how much energy in this lifetime i've put into putting myself down. i wouldn't dream of ever talking to someone else that way. where did i learn that? why did i accept that way of thinking? i'd answer those questions but today i'd rather just feel strong in my own beauty rather than focus on the why and how. i'd rather change than ponder change today.

p.s. i think you're beautiful too! very very much so!

p.p.s. are you up for some radical self acceptance today? you deserve it!


an ambrosia life said...

you are glowing.....and always beautiful! - the Creative Goddess said...

amen to THAT sister

and you look absolutely RADIANT in these pictures darling...
you are beautiful.
inside and out.

big love,

Anonymous said...

you ARE beautiful...

daisies said...

you are so beautiful, radiant, glowing in these photos ... we are beautiful inside and out, its true :)


chocolate covered musings said...


i do love the close up photo of your beautiful smiling eyes.

and the dress - fab!