Sunday, November 23, 2008

4 beautiful things

~another gorgeous video by my super talented friend caroline.

~going to a unicorn birthday party this weekend. complete with pin the horn on the unicorn, a unicorn piniata and goodie bags containing magic sparkles. and no this wasn't a kids party. it was beyond beautiful.

~going to the east side culture crawl (an art studio tour) and the new sketch i bought from one of my favourite local artists jordan bent. also that he had a klezmer band playing in his studio during the tour.

~this song and video (and the idea of singing so loudly in the middle of the woods...i wanna do that)

my days have been a mix of being sick and in hibernation and of going to every social event i can to be sure to see everyone i can before i leave for the holidays. as well i'm continuing the seemingly endless task of culling my belongings....which is going really well and feels so good. somewhat without words lately (as well as having lost my voice today) i'm looking forward to december when darlene is bringing back the 'december views' in which one can join the task of blogging pictures rather than words.

so there they are. 4 beautiful things.


daisies said...

that video is absolutely amazing, your friend is very talented and i heart songs in the forest, so perfect i think :)

i am so glad you are participating in december views with your beautiful imagery ... xo

megg said...

I'm glad you are participating again - you know, it's kind of our blogiverary, I found you during Dec. views LAST year - wow - time flies!

I can't wait to see more - your energy lately here has been so huge!


megg said...

Oh jeepers - I meant blogiversary. xo

bohemiangirl said...

that video gave me shivers, it was so beautiful. wow!