Saturday, June 06, 2009

this day

loneliness did its best to commandeer me today.
hit me like a slap in the face,
followed me like a predatory stalker,
until i succumbed to it.

luckily, like the sun breaking through the cloud cover in todays sky
smiles, belly laughs, connecting, kindness
each in their own gentle way soothed the grumpy, lonely bits until they felt loved again.

i love that sometimes life has a way of reminding you of its beauty
exactly when you really need it.


beth said...

life is funny that way isn't it ?

elk said...

the words ring true ~the photo is a gem!

dreamingmakingbeing said...


i love all these photos of your beautyfull legs and feet in scrumptious shoes surrounded by loveliness.
so fun! what a series.

i miss you!

daisies said...

this is so beautifully poetic and real and lovely, kind of like you :-) xoxox

mati rose said...

oh vivienne your blog is BEAUTIFUL.