Friday, March 06, 2009

the magnolia love affair continues

this love affair has been going on for years, but this year its magnitude has been unreal. i can't get enough of them. i can't tell you how many times i've said "that is the most beautiful magnolia tree i've ever seen". every one is more beautiful than the last. tonight at sunset i came across one that truly glowed pink magic.

i've been a bit less chatty these days, both in my daily life and in blog-land. i can often be found in garden patches, inches away from flower petals armed with my lovely macro lens. i find it so fulfilling to see what beauty happens between the what i see through the lens and what the camera captures. its so often far more magical than the eye can see.

i've got some things up my sleeve, some wide-eyed dreams and plans and a whole lot of tales of creative adventures to share (including using a skateboard as a canvas and learning how to make van dyke brown prints). i also just got home from checking out the oakland art murmur and feel super inspired. but i've got sore feet from another long walk and tired eyes from a day well lived. but rather than be silent, i thought i'd serenade you with a few more floral views.

and i'm curious your muse is these days? what makes your camera (pen, paint brush, loom, knitting needles) sing its loudest heartsong?

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