Wednesday, December 12, 2007

make it all a little easier on yourself!

Okay...its four sleeps until i fly away back east to my lovelies in toronto and to hang with the fam.
And although today was supposed to be an oh so productive day full of shopping, wrapping and packing.
My body had a different plan for me. I slept. Almost all day. I had a really really long night shift (actually 3 in a row) with the loveliest of twin babies. My work is as a postpartum doula (in case you are one of the lovely new people i feel blessed to have visited me here via december views!)

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a big ol' list right now, listing all that needs to be done.
Last night the first rush of stress arrived in my body, I thought of an old post by the lovely Andrea Scher about making things easier on ourselves. I can't stand feeling stressed....especially about something that is supposed to be a celebration of giving. so i've been sorting through ideas about how i can make this holiday season (and especially the next four days of getting ready) a bit easier on myself?

here's what i've come up with:
-make a star on 'the big list' beside things that need to be done in vancouver (it feels less overwhelming)
-order presents online (at places like etsy) for those folks i need to send things to far away
-be realistic about what actually needs to be done and what would just be nice to get done...for example i have shortened my list of who to send handmade christmas cards to a very select few.
-make sure to get good sleep, eat nourishing food and get outside for makes everything easier to handle
-releasing expectations!i had wanted to get all my shopping done in vancouver so i could have nothing to distract me from soaking up the loveliness of my friends. alas, i do have 6 days! so i'm releasing that expection and saving a few tasks for the 6 days i do have there!

how are you making the holidays easier on yourself?

and now for some more december views....yet another indoor views (it was pouring rain out there today....welcome to vancouver!) so here are some of the beautiful art pieces i feel blessed to have on my walls!


Jamie said...

What a fantastic pic! I hope you have an awesome time with your lovelies in T.O. It's very cold at the mo'!

daisies said...

what incredible artwork you have :)

and i so understand the list a mile long ... i sent out some cards and have more that may or may not get mailed in time for christmas and i am okay with that ... they will be new year's cards, tee hee ... this year is all about the breathing, the relaxing, the enjoying my friends and family and that is i think what it should be :) loving the stress free holiday a whole lot ...

hope you have a beautiful time in toronto :)

Ladyv said...

thank you jamie and daisies! i hope you have a super lovely holiday with your lovelies too!

Marilyn said...

What fabulous art! We made the holidays easier on ourselves by being a little selfish...trying to balance what we WANT to do with what we feel OBLIGATED to do. :)