Tuesday, December 11, 2007

three cheers for susannah

beauty arrived in my mailbox today.
a package sent all the way from the UK from a photographer i so admire, the great Susannah
this gorgeous image captivates so much of what I love about her work
its timelessness
its textured
its magical
its simply gorgeous

i was initially drawn to her photography because of our mutual love for holga cameras. her holga shots just blow me away!

and reading her blog is such a touching, honest, authentic experience.

so three cheers for Susannah please!

i'm chock full o' gratitude today for what she brings to the world!


daisies said...

: ) i have some of her beautiful prints too ~ she is a gem!!

PixieDust said...

Hip, hip, hooray!


megg said...

what a small world this blogging world is!! She took the pic. in my banner!! She's just as wonderful in person as she seems in her blog.