Monday, December 03, 2007

etsy love

Lots of new pictures up at my etsy shop and more and more to come!

I'm loving searching etsy for potential gifts and ideas for things to make!

to etsy.

its a rainy week in vancouver, after a beautiful few days of gently falling snow. as a non-car-owning individual, i found the snow to be a gorgeously blissful experience while drivers cursed as they clutched their steering wheels. but the snowman in the front yard is slowly dissolving into a pile of mush and i am missing life back east with a winter filled with snowfalls.
but only 15 more sleeps till i head back there for the holidays. i'm so excited to get back to both my family and my crew of beloved friends in toronto and just soak up the beauty of being in their company.

with love,

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Homespun Mama said...

I love your blog and love your Etsy shop. I'm creating a study for my husband, I'll keep you in mind.