Monday, November 26, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: what i wear (week four)

i love my necklace collection. though i never actually wear them all at once, as the picture called for...but nearly every day i am wearing at least one of them! that and earrings have become part of my 'uniform' of sorts.

my favourites include:

my joy necklace from superhero designs
my bird necklace i picked up at mabel & zora on alberta st. in portland
my zoecite and ruby necklace (the big green stone) that i got years ago on granville island
and the purple vintage beaded necklace that my mom gave me

check out more beauties and the things they wear here


Vanessa said...

from one necklace love to another, this is cool!

geek-betty said...

I LOVE that bird necklace!!

Rebecca said...

i love your necklaces, too! great shot.

Nicole said...

i think they all look great together! so fun and beautiful!

mia said...

Fun photo! I love all these colourful necklaces.

cheeky said...

They do look good all showcased together.

Sonia said...

Nice necklaces!