Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge: what i wear (week two)

i love my dansko red mary janes.
i got them on my birthday 4 years ago and although they make me feel purdy.
i had expected to do this post about my flowered rubber boots, but the beautiful wide open skies of today promoted purdy shoe wearing on the rare november day that my galoshes aren't necessary.

today was what i call one of my 'gentle days' in which i have to sleep off a night shift and feel low in energy. i like to try to be productive but also be gentle with the expectations i put on myself as being sleep deprived sure takes a lot outta you (as all you mammas out there know)!

so my photo walk (to the post office to get some v.i.p. packages out the door) turned into a gorgeous playful adventure. my red mary janes intice that i think!

check out more beautiful people expressing themselves through what they wear here.


amy said...

I love your red mary janes. Your clothes are always so fun.

Vanessa said...

this photo really brightened up my morning!

Rachel said...

This is just gorgeous. love love love it.

Rachel said...

This is just gorgeous. love love love it.

jenica said...

the color wash makes it so much fun! i love red shoes!

Rebecca said...

love those marcelles. mine are my most favorite, and most comfy shoes i own.