Sunday, June 26, 2005

sweet summer

I'm welcoming summer. Not with wide open arms, persay, but with a big nervous giggle that turns into a bouncy hug that catches you off guard. I'm feeling a bit awkward greeting summer. I've spent the past 10 months being sooooo concentrated on making sure I had enough time left in my stupidly busy schedule to have even one night alone per week. Mind you there were plenty of social moments, but with a small little network of folks. But now the season has officially changed and I feel like it isn't as nourishing as it was a few weeks ago to be in my little attic. So summer is here. Victoria folk fest starts in a few days and I'm telling everyone I can that they must go....K'OS....Ladysmith Black Mambazo....Jorane....and more for ten bucks....yes...ten bucks! and I've already got my tickets for Van folk fest with fruit....utah....xavier rud....sarah harmer....sigh.
I have some other plans for the summer...not quite as specific as a festival....
-to dance freely more (in a bar or on the grass at a festival...the later is easer of course, but I want to re-embrace shakin' it at any moment...anywhere)
-to let go of more possesions...and create a more simplistic home
-cleanse, detox, take care of my body. Take the 15 vitamins I would like to take every day!
-be more spontanious...go on picnics, take bike rides, talk to lovely strangers
-go places alone. I have a lovely network of people in Victoria and I forget sometimes how it feels to enter an event/space/theatre alone. I used to do that all the time in montreal and I miss how it challenges my confidence. Mind you, I usually know people there when I get to the event...but I want to be able to go places alone. Even go to events where I know I won't know anyone. Push the limits...
-And also celebrate my friends....I want to spend a lot of one on one time with people. I've taken a lot of personal space this year and have a lot of folks to catch up with. It wasn't nourishing for me to be social during this year and I'm glad I took that space, but I want to celebrate how blessed I feel for all the gems I have in my life.
-work on my perinatal business
-work on my body product business
-keep the songs flowing, perform and record
-keep strong and get prepared for what is coming up this fall
-make new friends
-take part in lots of full moon/ new moon and other spontaneous rituals
-allow myself space to be sad, grieve, change.
-make choices that nourish my body, sexuality, mind, spirit and visions. Don't be afraid of standing up for myself if I'm tested in making these choices ('cause o' how the universe loves to test us!!!)
Sweet summer. I've missed you while you've been gone, but was grateful for the respite.
Welcome back.

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