Thursday, June 02, 2005

Seize the day, I say!

In Andrea's post yesterday she spoke of her experience with believing in herself and taking risks to manifest your ideas/concepts/artistic projects. And i've got me a handfull of those dreams/plans that need to be believed in and manifested.

School is coming to a close, and though the summer looks only mildly busy, my mind is shifting back to those projects, like my body products, recording music, creative ideas i want to manifest...I've got a knitting project started, i'm working on a couple new songs, working on websites....and one of the biggest lessons i've learned this year is about nourishing myself first...cause i need to be capable of doing that before i can provide nourishment for others. and i'm getting better at it all the time.

andrea's post, along with thinking about a friend who recently passed away, have made me think about all those things that i want to say to people that i have yet to do. One such thing is i've wanted to send a bouquet of flowers to the grandmother of one of my childhood friends kate. for a number of summers when I was a kid, I would go up to their family cottage for a few weeks....where i saw northern lights, played lotsa tennis, and most importantly...made many lip synching videos to debbi gibson and tiffani, complete with dance routines. Although I went up to my own cottage and adored that, spending time at the O'hara's cottage was always an adventure, pushing this shy teen to be a bit more outgoing. I've wanted to thank Libs for those summers for ummm.....probably 13 years now! So, for the last half hour i've been searching the net for someone who can deliver the flowers to my little ontario town. Tomorrow I am going to send them....because you know day I'm going to mourn that I didn't get to tell her what an awesome woman she is.
Seize the day, I say!

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Vivienne said...

dear vivienne

i'm glad you did send Libs those lillies.

love me, you, us.