Sunday, June 25, 2006

how good did it feel

to watch people in the audience of a show hold their hearts as they listened.
to see 50 year old women jump out of their chairs and shake their booty in the aisles
to dance to some of the most empowering music i've heard in a long time
to get through the awkwardness to the place where i am dancing freely
to sit in the sun with an old friend and have many belly laughs
to see the way that man through his fist in the air with such emotion during a song
to witness the beauty of four grand tipis in the middle of the cityscape. incredible.
to share smiles with little humans.

amidst all challenges there have been glimpses of summer, being present in my life and bringing me back to myself. between all the stresses there are these things.
and they feel so good that they make up for all the rest.

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