Thursday, January 26, 2006

lessons in strange places

I'm finding all what I need to heal from a traumatic experience in the one place that most people told me to get far far away from...the place it happened. Back in december our home got broken into twice (within three days) and both times we were home. The first, I had just gotten back from a late shift at 3:30 a.m. and as soon as I had put on my p.j.s I went into the living room and saw someone coming in through my kitchen window. He stole two purses and then took off. No, the police didn't catch him.

Two nights later, he broke in through the lock in our front door with a crowbar. I was still at work that night, but my boyfriend at the time and my roomate were both woken up by the noise. The guy stole more money, and yes, it was the same guy from the description. No, robbers aren't suppose to come back! We had about 2 weeks before my roomie and I went away for xmas, and we found that we couldn't remotely sleep here. So, we stayed in hotels and at friends houses until we went away (yes, the cats came to the hotels with us!).

So, now it has been 3 weeks since I got back to this house and I'm finding the most important thing I feel like I can do to get over this is to be here. This surprises me but also makes so much sense. Sometimes it feels sore to be here, often I am a bit paranoid, slowly I am feeling better. I've struggled with the notion of being a victim for a long time. I've embraced it because it allowed me to be angry, I've rejected it because it was a place that I'd been for too long and because it was disempowering. I really don't like the fact that I was robbed, but if I had to get anything from is helping me let go of victimhood and still be angry.

I am not leaving my home, I am going to reclaim it. I am not going to rush myself in healing from it...I'm going to be messy in it: a bit paranoid, obsessive about safety. I am going to feel better at some point, perhaps I will stop looking at all 20-30 year old white men, 6 feet tall with little facial hair as the possible robber. I won't stop protecting myself but I hope sometime to not be so scared.

After it happened my mom said something very new age to me which was so sweet (especially when most other people were behaving like a mother in my life...telling me what to do). She said "He may have taken your belongings, and taken your sense of safety, but he didn't take your life, your spirit, your sense of joy, your empowerment. You've still got those things". He didn't. It always irritates me when something bad happens and people say "everything happens for a reason" or "sometime this will all make sense" cause at the time one is too in the moment to think like that. Irritating as it may be. Its true.

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