Tuesday, May 17, 2005

third eye

I've had a sinus headache for the last two days and i am getting frustrated. i'm popping oil of oregano caps every two hours with no relief so far. when it gets to this point (yes...its only been 48 hours but it makes me pissy none the less) and nothing will work (even the dreaded tylenol) i've gotta look elsewhere for answers.

I'm doing this tree of life chakra process right now, where we spend 3 weeks working on each chakra, meditating and witnessing the manifestations that tend to happen in each chakra. And they have been...this past weekend there were so many things that manifested that have made a complete shift in my future and my self perceptions....changes that are outside of my normal patterns of behaviour and which are going to create drastic wonderful changes in my life...moving forward. I cannot elaborate at this point though...not online. It is still something that needs to remain in my journal and in discussion with my dear friends/family. But I tell ya...good things are goin' on!

Back to the chakra process....we are presently working in the third eye chakra...which likely has something to do with my headache. I often feel physical manifestations of the chakra while I am in it (ie. lower back pain in the sacral, my lungs/chest feeling open or closed in the heart chakra). So....what is blocked? What am I holding in my third eye? What am I unwilling to see? Is it even a block...or a physical reaction to all the release? It isn't a difficulty seeing my future (quite the opposite). This weekend was all about stepping out of old patterns....is this the low after the high? I'm going to spend tonight doing some painting/collage/singin'/writing...whatever manifests....and focus on believing in my ability to manifest my vision.

and if chakraness sounds like a foreign language to you...check out www.sacredcenters.com/chakras.html
for a little clarification.

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