Tuesday, May 10, 2005

change in the 'hood

fernwood is changing.
i'm unsure yet if for the better. it looks that way.
potentially good things
-there is a new kilt store, yes, kilts in fernwood, advertising traditional and functional kilts!
-there is supposed to be an ice cream shop opening up....i don't eat ice cream, but the potential is good! perhaps they'll have some gelatto!

lots has changed in the square this year...
-a new taco shoppe (cheap and unbelievably good tacos)
-the bead store opened...its lovely to have a creative energy to the hood
-the crack house across the way got emptied and boarded up and kids painted the boarded up windows with awesome art and grafitti
-there is a beautiful new mural depicting the square beside little fernwood

the other big change is that the thin edge, my favourite americano/pizza place is now under new ownership...i super liked the old owner chris, with his johnny cash/frank sinatra pics and the kinda tough assed attitude of the shop.
i'll deal with the change.
as long as wednesday still remains biker night.
there's nothin' like biking home from work to the street packed with harleys and a bunch of burly guys in leather filling the square.

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