Thursday, October 14, 2004

bit o' heaven

i spent the other day in heaven....a small room overlooking a lake. inside this space was not only a grand piano and two upright basses but guitars, a banjo, drums, cases and cases of instruments that one just had to look in to see what else could possibly be in this room! i discovered within a dusty little case high up on a shelf...a clarinet... and fell in love with that sultry sound. i played clarinet in like grade 6.

during the day we had the sweetest jams and i don't usually jam on instruments, just vocals, cause there is usually a fancier guitar player around. lifechanging amazing to rediscover an instrument. i'm realizing how much i love and need to live music. i hope i have a room like that someday. i have a little (and i mean little) corner in my place where my instruments await attention. the guitar gets far more of that...but i think when i get my very own clarinet (i'm in love) there may be a bit o' competition.

so grateful for that day and that room. life lately has been consumed by work...homework...and trying to get a little rest in there somewhere so finding myself in such a beautiful room where you are asked to be a case, pick up an instrument and just play! heaven i tell you. heaven.

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